No matter the industry, project, or people – the need for equipment repair is inevitable, and getting it done right is vital to ensuring your equipment is performing to the best of its ability, every time.

We look at repairs as a challenge to solve for our customers, and with thousands of repair jobs under our belt, we have honed a tried and true process. Customers come to us with a puzzle, and our capabilities in planning, management, and execution allow us to undertake projects both big and small and turn them in a timely manner.

It all comes down to understanding the 5 W’s: “If a customer walks in the door and needs repair work, the first thing we do is figure out the who, what, when, where, and why of the project before diving in, to make sure we truly understand our customer’s needs to deliver the best possible solution.”

From welding to machining, to pulling shafts from bearings, we are able to provide a wide variety of services to get customers back up and running as quickly as possible. We understand that sometimes you can’t get your machine into our shop for repairs, so we even send our team to you and perform repairs on location. Would you rather go to an auto body shop that can fix your dents and paint your car all in one stop? Or would you prefer to take your car to separate shops each with their own specialty? To us, the answer is obvious.

Not convinced? Let us provide an example to illustrate just how we work to solve our customers repair needs. Alaska Airlines came to us with a piece of ground support equipment that was down. The spindle was off in one of their towing tugs, and a quick turn was necessary to avoid downtime costs. We implemented our process to determine their needs and how best to service them, and worked overnight to repair the tug in less than two days.

We also recently invested in a larger horizontal boring mill, to take in even larger projects. In doing so, we are opening up our capacity in terms of the size of parts we can accommodate, and updating our equipment to the most cutting-edge technology. We employ the latest technology to ensure we are growing with the industry, never staying stagnant and challenging our company to grow as the economy grows. Our mission is to operate quickly and efficiently to help support planned downtime, or get unexpected repairs back on track to minimize interruption to the manufacturing process.

Unfortunately nothing lasts forever, but we’re ready to tackle your repair needs and get your project back up and running as fast as possible. Machine & Fabrication offers solutions to repair problems, so you can focus on delivering for your customers. Contact us today to talk about solving your project repair needs!