While widely known for their luxury cars, industry insiders know that Rolls-Royce is also the company behind the engines that power the majority of commercial airliners. In fact, Rolls-Royce powers more than 35 types of commercial aircraft and has almost 13,000 engines in service around the world.

When aircraft manufacturers sell an airplane, the airline assumes responsibility for the maintenance. Airlines employ their own mechanics, but there is still a need for the aerospace ground support equipment. Engine stands are one such fundamental piece of equipment, which are commonly used for the assembly, repair, and transportation of these engines. Engines are the heart of aircrafts, making it critical that they are removed, installed, or repaired safely and in a timely manner.

Rolls-Royce has designed engine stands specifically built to hull their engines, creating the proper tooling for airlines to maneuver, repair, or changeover the colossal engines. Engine stands are also fundamental in transportation. When an engine is in its cradle, the pieces can be placed in a larger airplane for safe transportation, fully designed to support the engine in flight. Without engine stands to safely install, repair, and transport these engines, airlines would experience significantly more downtime, leading to lower profits and less than satisfied customers.

Where does Machine & Fabrication fit in? Our company is situated for heavy equipment, large items, welding, and machining to support companies that supply the airlines. The demand for engine stands is fast growing, for their ability to reduce aircraft downtime and maintenance costs, and protect the aircraft, engine, and operator with various safety features. That’s why we partner with HYDRO, a market leader in ground support equipment and maintenance tooling, to service companies who need our help in machining engine stands to keep planes in the sky. In 2007, Rolls-Royce awarded HYDRO the exclusive license for the supply of all engine assembly, strip, and service tooling. In working as a subcontractor of HYDRO, Machine & Fabrication is able to support the tooling requirements of Aircraft Operators Service Bases, and MRO facilities globally.

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